Engagement shoots, are they worth it?

I get asked by my bride all the time about whether engagement shoots are really worth the money and time? And I get it. I really do! Weddings are expensive and stressful to plan and considering adding something extra to think about and organise might send you over the top.

BUT WAIT! Just hear me out. I can guarantee you wont regret booking an engagement shoot. And here are just 5 reasons why...

Break the ice with your photographer

Your photographer is literally going to be your shadow for the whole day. This is a brilliant opportunity for your to break the ice and become besties with each other at the engagement shoot so that you can just jump right in it on your wedding day. When you trust and feel comfortable with your photographer - you have more fun and it shows in your photos!

Get comfortable being in front of the camera

I hear my couples tell me all the time that they are camera shy, awkward or not photogenic! I don't believe this to be true about anyone but doing an engagement shoot is a wonderful way to get over the nervous jitters of a photoshoot before your big day.

Your wedding day will come with its own nerves and stresses, don't let your photos be one of them.

Document a milestone in your life

Your engagement is a milestone in itself and not just "step one" towards your wedding. An engagement shoot is the perfect way to document this moment in your life and milestone in your relationship.

Include those family members who cant be at the wedding

If you're like me and see your pets as your children, why not include them in your engagement shoot. They are a huge part of your life after all and are part of your journey to the alter. BIG TIP: be sure to bring a friend or family member along who can look after the pooches (or kitties) while we snap some images of the two of you alone.

Chance to get creative and have some fun

An engagement shoot is an opportunity to capture images of who you are as a couple - do you like hiking, board games, sports or cooking! Bring your personalities, get creative, take time out to connect and relax and most of all, HAVE SOME FUN!

And there you have it! My top reasons why an engagement shoot is totally worth it.