Hidden Forests to Salty Plains & Pet Friendly Beaches

Check out our absolute favourite photoshoot locations in and around Perth.

Picking the right location for your photoshoot is super important. Whether you want a dusky background to show the glow of your baby bump, or some waves to splash about in as you have fun with the family - your locations have to fit you and your story.

With so many incredible spots and hidden gems scattered throughout Perth, we thought we would help narrow the search and share some of our favourite photoshoot locations.

Rockingham Salt Flats

Rockingham Salt Flats is a perfect location for the absolutely amazing sunsets that paint the salt flats in gorgeous golden light. If you want to bring your pups to your photoshoot, this is the place to go!

Perry's Paddock

Perry's Paddock is a perfect location for families with young children. We love shooting here because of the gorgeous trees and long grass which filter the sunlight creating a magical glow. Another perfect spot if you want to include your pets in your photoshoot.

Leighton's Beach

Leighton's Beach is a perfect location for families or couples who love the ocean and live south of the river. We love shooting here because of the wide-open space the beach provides with gorgeous iconic Perth buildings and Fremantle Port in the background.


Fremantle is a perfect location for a couples looking for a historical, heritage feel to their shoot. We love shooting here because of the huge variety of scenes and architecture around the town. If you choose this location be sure to wear comfy shoes because we will be walking.

Gwellup Secret Garden

Gwellup Secret Garden is a perfect location for families or couples looking for a forest location. Located north of the river, we love shooting couples here because of the romantic fairy tale feel created by the trees and vines. This spot is great for families as it creates a sense of adventure for little kids. This spot is best chosen after the rainier times of the year as this is when the foliage is more lush and thick. Tip: bring some mozzie spray along for your shoot.

Baldivis Children's Forest

Baldivis Children's Forest is a perfect location for those located south of the river and who aren't into the beach. We love shooting here because of its ease to find and the absolutely gorgeous trees and long grass providing the perfect filter for a summer sunset golden glow. Also, a great spot if you don't want to do too much walking during your shoot.

CY O'Connor Beach

CY O'Connor Beach is a perfect location for the ocean and dog-loving couples and families. We love shooting here because of the variety this location provides - grass filled dunes, open oceans and urban graffiti all in one spot! It's also a great beach location if you are looking for a quieter location with fewer people around. And don't forget to include your fur child here.

Manning Park

Manning Park is a perfect location for families and couples who don't want any fuss or crowds. We love shooting here because of the beautiful paperback trees that line the lake. A short walk from the car park and you can find yourself in a secluded inlet perfect for capturing your memories without the audience. Manning Park is also pet friendly and a great choice if you would like to include your pup.

Your Home

What's the one place where you feel most comfortable? Your home. Don't underestimate the beauty of shooting in a place that's completely and uniquely YOU. Your things, your style, your creature comforts.

Notable Photoshoot Locations

  • Matilda Bay
  • Point Walter
  • Kings Park (Fees may apply)
  • Hyde Park (Fees may apply)
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Scarborough Beach
  • The University of Western Australia (Fees may apply)
  • South Perth Foreshore
  • Lilac Hill
  • Neil McDougall Park
  • Kent Street Jetty
  • Jackadder Reserve
  • Lake Gwellup
  • Peasholm Dog Beach

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