Those first few weeks with your new bub are like a whirlwind. A new little human, a new routine and so many new things to remember. And as most photographers, including me, would recommend having your newborn photos done within the first 14 days after the baby's birth it's another task to remember. I have and still photograph newborns in the studio as well as at a specified location (like a park or paddock for example) but have found that the easiest and most relaxed sessions are at home. As a new mom or dad, you may be trying to decide what is the best choice for you, here are some reasons to consider an in-home shoot.

No need to Travel

This blessed time can be so overwhelming for new parents. There is so much to remember and try and figure out. The first reason to consider an in-home newborn shoot is that there is no need to travel. No need to pack a bag with extra outfits and nappies. No need to worry about where you will be able to feed the baby if he or she gets hungry. You don't even need to think about these questions if you have your photographer come to you.

Calm and Quiet for You

If you have older siblings you will already know that just getting everyone ready to leave the house usually results in some stressed-out parents and children. Staying in your own home, which is your comfort and safe space results in a much calmer and more peaceful experience for everyone, especially the new baby as they are so sensitive to tension. The more relaxed and comfortable you are feeling, the more relaxed and comfortable your baby will feel - and this will result in more natural and amazing photographs.

You are doing to cherish these images forever, you want to feel good.

Siblings are More Comfortable

Sibling shots can be the trickiest to capture during a newborn session. Children are far more comfortable and relaxed in their own familiar space - this is so beneficial in assisting your young child in connecting with me and the camera. It also helps that your young child won't get bored being stuck in a studio for 2 or 3 hours, which usually results in some tantrums and tears. Once the family and sibling shots are done, they can go on with the fun and games they were busy with before the shoot.

Personal Home Surroundings

There is nothing more unique than having a session at your home. Your photos will be completely unique and will look totally different from any other photoshoot. It will be totally personal to who you and your family are, incorporating your style, your personality and your vibe. You will be able to incorporate that special portrait or ornament that belonged to your great grandmother or that bassinet that was yours when you were a baby.

Include Your Pets

Your pets are family too right! You've most likely had Fido long before your new baby was even a twinkle in your eye. Having your newborn photos at your home allows you to include all the members of your family. I LOVE including your beloved animals in your portraits.

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